State Police Commendation

We received this commendation for Service team member, Matt Pulley, for exemplifying ACI’s commitment to providing extraordinary service to our customers! Well done, Matt!


I want to take the opportunity to commend the hard work and dedication of Matt Pulley. I want to start by saying Matt represents your company very well.

You may not be aware, but the HVAC system at the State Police Area 22 Office in South Hill VA was on the verge of failing. We had obtained a PO … for your company to repair the system. Matt came out to the office to make the repairs.

At no fault of Matt’s after he had taken our system down and had gotten into the heart of our system beyond the point of no return, he discovered he had the wrong part. Naturally, I was very upset. Matt was very diplomatic, calm, and reassuring in explaining the issue. We had to close the office down until the replacement part could be obtained.

At the time, the best case scenario was the following afternoon or evening. Matt made it clear he was prepared to move mountains to get our office back up and running. Sure enough, the next day in the early afternoon, Matt called the on duty sergeant and explained the part had just arrived Richmond and he was headed that way to pick it up, return to the office in South Hill, and install it. Matt didn’t leave our office until after 9PM that night.

Bottom line, my office had a worst case scenario, the HVAC system went down and we had to close the office to the public. I don’t have to explain the problems that causes a public safety entity like mine. Matt took our worst case scenario and turned it into a best case scenario. We were back up and running in just over 24 hours. Furthermore, Matt returned the very next morning to address other related issues.

In closing, please know of our gratitude for Matt’s skill, hard work, and professionalism he demonstrated in getting our office back up and running.

Service, valor, pride!

First Sergeant Sidney C. Leslie
Virginia Department of State Police
Area 22 Commander (South Hill)