Virginia Tech Chiller Plant Phase II

Customers: Faulconer

Owner: Virginia Tech

Engineer: AEI

Year Completed: 2019

Contract Amount: $13M

Market: Commercial

Sector: Educational

Location: Roanoke


As preferred contractors at Virginia Tech, ACI and Faulconer teamed up to complete this project. Added two new (3,000 ton) chillers to the North plant and replaced the single-cell cooling tower with a new three cell FRP tower over the concrete coated basin. ACI managed all subcontractors including, steel, lighting protection, crane and rigging, masonry, overhead doors, doors/frames, TAB. We also added one 3000 ton chiller to the Southwest Chiller Plant with a new 2 cell cooling tower on the roof. ACI prefabricated 36 inches and 24-inch pipe in our Richmond fab shop as well as new pump skids.

Southwest Chiller plant was completed in 6 months. North Chiller Plant was completed in nine months.

Both projects finished on time and within the budget.