Virginia Commonwealth University - Engineering Research Building

Customers: KJellstrom & Lee, Inc.

Owner: Virginia Commonwealth University

Architect: Smith + McClane

Engineer: BR+A

Year Completed: 2020

Contract Amount: $20M

Market: Commercial

Sector: Educational

Location: Richmond


ACI was awarded the Plumbing, Piping, and HVAC scope of work for this 168,000 SF academic building at Virginia Commonwealth University. ACI  prefabricated assembly of the air control valve, a reheat coil, and a sound attenuator all attached for the lab areas for the VCU – Engineering Research Building, They link up to a controller to make sure lab spaces are kept positive or negative from the main corridor.

ACI’s crew as they lift and set prefabricated skids and air handling units onto the roof. This phase of the project succeeded due to the dedication of our field and shop personnel, our VDC department, and our office staff. The entire A-Team that is ACI worked together to do what we do best: build.