University of Virginia - Old Jordan Hall

Customer: DPR Construction

Engineer: RMF Engineering, Inc.

Owner: University of Virginia

Year Completed: 2012

Market: Commercial

Sector: Healthcare

Contract Amount: $13M


Completed in 2012, Atlantic Constructors provided and installed new HVAC equipment which tied into the University’s campus-wide control infrastructure which allowed remote monitoring and control of all new systems. As a team effort during preconstruction, temporary connections and bypasses were created in order to provide seamless environmental conditions of the facility. Our team also utilized BIM to plan project phasing and perform conflict analysis. BIM enabled the identification and resolution of a number of major conflicts before construction began.

Modular skids for lab exhaust were prefabricated and shipped from our shop eliminating weeks from the construction schedule and minimize hazardous working conditions on the roof. Using integrated project delivery, our team was able to complete the project ahead of schedule under demanding conditions.

  • New Air Handling Units (AHUs) delivering 300,000 CFM Supply Air through a new SA distribution infrastructure
  • New Stream System that delivers 60,000 pounds/hr stream through a new distribution system
  • 10 New Lab Exhaust Fans that provide 370,000 CFM of exhaust, along with an Energy Recovery System
  • New 430 GPM Reheat System including all pumps, heat exchanges, and distribution

Unique Accomplishments and Accommodations:  

Creation temporary bypasses and connections to provide seamless environmental conditions.

Modular skids – created in our shop and delivered to site for installation – eliminated weeks from construction schedule.

Use of BIM to predetermine any major conflicts before start of construction.