Quality Technology Services (QTS)

Customer: Gilbane Whiting-Turner

Owner: QTS

Year Completed: 2013

Area: 321,000 SF

Market: Commercial

Sector: Office/Data Center

Contract Amount: $15M


Atlantic Constructors was awarded the conversion of this existing 321,000 SF Microchip Plant into a modern data center for Quality Technology Services (QTS). ACI was a preferred partner due to our extensive data center experience. In addition, ACI performed scope in the office and support areas of the entire facility.

Some key highlights of this project include:

  • Early Partnering
  • PUE benefits exceeded original goals
  • BIM Coordination
  • Retrofit of existing 14,000 Ton Central Plant
  • Systems & Air Handling Systems
  • Chilled Water Piping (Up to 36”)
  • CRAC Unit Installation
  • Condensed Water (Up to 42”)
  • Fuel Oil/Generator System
  • Water-side Economizer System