Praxair Delaware City CO2 Plant

Customer: Praxair

Owner: Praxair

Project Duration: 9 Months

Market: Industrial

Sector: Chemical

Contract Amount: $20M

Project Description

Atlantic Constructors was selected as construction manager for construction of this 400 TPD CO2 Plant at the Delaware City Refinery in the Wilmington area.

This plant was a 5 tank plant with three base plant process mega skids enclosed in a central building. The site was developed to provide for both rail and truck fill operations to serve regional and national demand. There was approximately 10,000 LF of piping on this project.

Atlantic Constructors provided prefabrication and assembly servces relative to the modular CO2 Process Mega Skids that are central to compression, liquifaction and purification of the raw CO2 gas . The mega skids were generally 15′ x 16′ x 50′ long and weighed in excess of 60 tons each. All piping supports were fabricated in our shop as well as modularization of the tank farm distribution pump system and related piping which was undertaken and designed as a skid as a system improvement and lesson learned from a previous project.

Primary trades and services on site related to the process building, civil, electrical, mechanical and site development were subcontracted.