Philip Morris MER 2 Dust Collector Replacement

Customer: Philip Morris USA

Owner: Philip Morris USA

Project Duration: 11 Days

Market: Industrial

Sector: Food & Beverage

Contract Amount: $600K

Project Description

Atlantic Constructors was selected as mechanical contractor for this very technical dust collector replacement at the Manufacturing Center in Richmond, Virginia over Christmas shutdown.

As is typical of all shutdown work, schedule was critical and extensive preconstruction planning was required to successfully remove and replace one (1) dust collector, six ( 6) associated cyclones, one (1) abandoned cyclone and two (2) fans inside Mechanical Equipment Room 2 located in Cut Filler Storage. Existing duct work was largely replaced inside the MER to accommodate the new equipment.

On this project, we had 11 days to remove an existing dust collector in the basement of a food and beverage sector facility and replace it with new equipment. There was no room to work and GMP considerations were a requirement relative to odor and dust control.

While several tasks were subcontracted, Atlantic Constructors was the prime mechanical contractor, performing the concrete civil work, steel fabrication and erection, rigging and equipment setting, piping and ductwork fabrication and installation.