Microsoft Data Center

Owner: Microsoft

Client: Holder

Area: 515,000 SF

Market: Commercial

Sector: Office/Data Center

Year Completed: 2014

Contract Amount: $29.5M

Project Description

Construction of 515,000 SF Multi-Phase Data Center. ACI was awarded the project based on qualifications and fee to perform the mechanical scope of work. Contract based on fee, General Conditions, and GMP with an “open book” cost accounting format.

  • HVAC systems, domestic water, sanitary waste/vent,
    industrial water/waste, condensate drainage, storm
    drainage systems, and fire protection systems.
  • Installation of 190 AHU’s with evaporative cooling
  • Installation of utility supports
  • Utilization of BIM for coordination and pre-fabrication
  • Commissioning support
  • Design Assist Scope
  • Design of utility support systems
  • Recommended modifications to AHU duct
    connections to building
  • ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code for X-Ray Quality Welding
  • Design of interior flashing solutions