Merck - Ammonia Water Tank Replacement

Customer: Merck

Owner: Merck

Year Completed: 2017

Market: Industrial

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Contract Amount: $500K


ACI was awarded as Mechanical Contractor for the furnishing, fabrication, and installment of an Ammonia Tank. This was part of the Ammonia Truck Unloading project. The site’s existing 30,000-gallon 28% Ammonia Water storage tank was replaced with a new 50,000-gallon nominal size tank.  In addition, ACI installed 2,300 LF piping for a new supply and return piping system. The new Ammonia Tank and all associated components meet Merck standards for GMP compliance.


  • Mechanical Contractor
  • 2,300 LF piping
  • 50,000-gallon Ammonia Water Storage Tank replacement