Hampden Sydney Science Building

Customers: W.M. Jordan

Architect: Hanbury

Engineer: OCI Associates, Inc.

Owner: Hampden Sydney College

Scheduled Completion: May 2022

Contract Amount: $10.2M

Market: Commercial

Sector: Educational

Location: Hampden Sydney


ACI was selected as the mechanical and plumbing contractor for the Hampden Sydney Pauley Science Center. This project consists of 72,000 SF of research and teaching labs, lab support and material management spaces, classrooms, student study spaces, and faculty offices.

The plumbing system included domestic water, industrial water, waste and vent, chemical waste and vent, purified water, reverse osmosis water, compressed air, vacuum air, and propane gas. The systems for mechanical piping included chilled water and heating hot water. In addition, the mechanical ductwork included standard house air VAV system and lab supply and exhaust air systems, which included stainless steel exhaust ductwork to 58 fumehoods.

This project is expected to be completed by May 2022.