Customer: AdvanSix

Owner: AdvanSix

Project Duration: 10 Months

Market: Industrial

Sector: Chemical

Contract Amount: $6M

Project Description

In 2016, Atlantic Constructors was selected as mechanical contractor for construction of the NOx Gas Abatement System associated with the A Process Train at the AdvanSix Facility on Industrial Avenue in Hopewell, Virginia.

Atlantic Constructors was prime mechanical contractor and performed the rigging and setting of approximately 30 pieces of equipment along with fabrication and installation of approximately 8,000 LF piping. Ductwork fabrication and installation was also performed.

Primary equipment for the Disulfonate and Nitrite phases included stacks, venturi scrubbers, demisters, fans, heat exchangers, burners, scrubbing reactors and various gas skids. Piping was stainless, carbon and FRP large bore.