Helping Out in Puerto Rico

Transporting goods from a church in Suffolk, VA to an island more than 1,000 miles off the U.S. coast has proven to be incredibly difficult. Jonathan Gonzalez is an ACI employee at our Suffolk location and a Puerto Rico native with many family members residing on the island. After Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico, Jonathan waited several days without hearing if his family was okay. Finally, he got word from a radio station that his family had survived. Like many other Puerto Ricans in the wake of the storm, he decided he would make the trip to the island himself to bring supplies to his family and community.

ACI employees at the Suffolk location collected more than $300 to help Jonathan buy supplies. With this contribution, Jonathan was able to bring 1,000 pounds of food, water and water purification systems, cases of baby wipes for bathing, electronics, flashlights, batteries, battery chargers, extension cords, and a satellite phone to establish communication. ACI also purchased black bins that helped transport the supplies easily. Upon arrival, Jonathan received law enforcement escorts and help from the mayor to disperse his goods as efficiently as possible.

With a little help from ACI, Jonathan was able to provide much-needed relief for 10 days. There is no doubt it takes a certain kind of team to support a fellow employee in this way. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to Jonathan’s journey and his efforts in assisting the people of Puerto Rico.

He shared images of the overwhelming damage and devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Click the links below for more.

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