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With Covid-19, how everyone does business has changed, perhaps permanently. Going forward, many businesses will need to move outside, and those that remain indoors will need to be cleaner than ever, including the air that circulates through the facility.

In 2022, the three words that will define success will no longer be “location, location, location;” instead, “warm, clean, and cool” will be what your business needs to survive– and thrive. It’s a radically different business landscape out there; ACI can help you navigate it!

Ready for Covid; Ready for Success!

ACI wants to help your business prepare for the coming year and beyond. We can install UV air disinfection units for your building that eliminate contaminants, like viruses and bacteria, as well as odors and smoke. For outside locations, we can provide cool air with no dampness in the summer and comfortably warm temperatures during the cooler months with our TurboCool and TurboCool with heat solutions.

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If you are looking to purify and destroy airborne bio-contaminants such as the viruses that cause the flu and Covid-19, UV air disinfection units will eliminate contaminants directly in the ducts or as stand-alone units. They work well in any building with a ventilation system and will greatly your improve indoor air quality.

The UVC (254nm) and UVV (185nm) light produced by our UV systems are the same two wavelengths produced by the sun. The UVC wavelength attacks the micro-organisms on a molecular level deactivating and destroying the contaminants, while the UVV wavelength degrades the chemicals and odors.

Unlike conventional lamps on the market,  the UV air purification systems installed by ACI use a patented process designed to deliver the maximum UV dosage to the moving air-stream.

Turbo Cool: Great for Summer!

Turbo Cool is the ultimate outdoor patio cooling solution for your business– or your home! It uses patented, state-of-the-art technology to create cool and refreshing conditions in your outdoor spaces (think “outdoor A/C”). How does upper-70s with a cool breeze on even the hottest, muggiest summer day sound? The Turbo Cool can do it. And it does it for a fraction of the cost (using up to 90% LESS electricity than air conditioning).

And Turbo Cool is NOT a conventional misting system, but it DOES “hyper atomize” water droplets– down to the size of a human red blood cell (5 microns)! These droplets evaporate almost instantly. That means no more damp sweaty skin, unwanted moisture, moldy fabric, or stains that conventional misting systems can give you. Just perfectly conditioned air all year round. Turbo Cool is UNLIKE any outdoor cooling system you’ve ever seen before. It’s a must have feature for open-air bars, restaurants and even home patios!

Turbo Cool: Also Great for Winter!

Turbo Cool systems can also be installed with built in heating units, offering your customers comfortable temperatures practically all year!

Scroll through the images below to see a few of the many ways Turbo Cool & Turbo Cool with Heat can be installed!